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Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Total Thyroidectomy (mi V.A.T.T.) - Case Series of 48 Patients

Konstantinos Sapalidis(1), K.S. MYLONAS(1), E. KOTIDIS(2), N. MICHALOPOULOS(1), I. ANASTASIADIS(1), I.D. KANELLOS(1)

(1)Third Department of Surgery, AHEPA University Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece, (2)

    Abstract: Purpose: The first report of miVATT was published in 1998 by Miccoli, leading to a revolution in the field of thyroid surgery. This prospective study aims to evaluate the technique with regard to our department’s experience over a four-year period. Material-Methods: Between September 2009 and October 2013, 48 adult patients (37 females, 11 males) with a mean age of 41.3 (± 11.6) years underwent scheduled miVATT for benign thyroid lesions. Selection criteria included thyroid volume <15 ml and nodules not exceeding 3.5 cm of diameter. Thyroiditis, previous neck surgery and previous irradiation, mediastinal goiter and involvement in another clinical study constituted the exclusion criteria. The procedure we performed was miVATT as described by Miccoli with the only additions being the use of the Harmonic Scalpel and the fixation of the endoscope on a holding device. Also, no drains were applied. Results: No conversions to open surgery were needed. Operation time for total thyroidectomy was 71.23 min (± 23.81) with a mean hospitalization of 1.14 days (± 0.4). Five patients (10.4%) exhibited transient hypocalcemia, whereas there were no recurrent laryngeal nerve palsies. Post-operative pain was mild and the final aesthetic result was considered excellent by the patients. Conclusion: miVATT is a safe and feasible alternative to the conventional thyroidectomy when performed in carefully selected patients by experienced surgeons.
    Keywords: total thyroidectomy, video-assisted surgery, endoscopic surgery, case series

DOI 10.12865/CHSJ.42.01.06 

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