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Ranking the Meso Level Critical Factors of Electronic Medical Records Adoption Using Fuzzy Topsis Method


(1)Faculty of Computing, Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia

    Abstract: As Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have a great possibility for rising physician’s performance in their daily work which improves quality, safety and efficiency in healthcare, they are implemented throughout the world (Boonstra and Broekhuis, 2010). In physician practices the rate of EMRs adoption has been slow and restricted (around 25%) according to Endsley, Baker, Kershner, and Curtin (2005) in spite of the cost savings through lower administrative costs and medical errors related with EMRs systems. The core objective of this research is to identify, categorize, and analyse meso-level factors introduced by Lau et al, 2012, perceived by physicians to the adoption of EMRs in order to give more knowledge in primary care setting. Finding was extracted through questionnaire which distributed to 350 physicians in primary cares in Malaysia to assess their perception towards EMRs adoption. The findings showed that Physicians had positive perception towards some features related to technology adoption success and emphasized EMRs had helpful impact in their office. The fuzzy TOPSIS physician EMRs adoption model in meso-level developed and its factors and sub-factors discussed in this study which provide making sense of EMRs adoption. The related factors based on meso-level perspective prioritized and ranked by using the fuzzy TOPSIS. The purpose of ranking using these approaches is to inspect which factors are more imperative in EMRs adoption among primary care physicians. The result of performing fuzzy TOPSIS is as a novelty method to identify the critical factors which assist healthcare organizations to inspire their users in accepting of new technology.
    Keywords: EMRs, Adoption, Fuzzy TOPSIS, Meso-Level Adoption Factors, CA

DOI 10.12865/CHSJ.42.01.12 

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