Current Health Sciences Journal

"CURRENT HEALTH SCIENCES JOURNAL" is an Open Access journal and publishes original articles from bio-medical sciences and review articles in all medical or surgical pathology fields. The following types of articles are accepted:

  • Original papers, which contain results of a clinical or experimental study in bio-medical area;
  • Review articles, related to major topics of medical sciences;
  • Case reports, presenting some rare and particular cases of medical or surgical pathology;
  • Editorials and letters.

All manuscripts are subject of peer review by at least two experts in the field.

Current Health Sciences Journal (printed edition ISSN: 2067-0656, electronic edition ISSN:  2069-4032, website: www.chsjournal.org) is the Official Journal of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania and is published by the Medical University Publishing House Craiova.
Current Health Sciences Journal appears four times per year, entirely in English.

The publishing track of the journal started in 2009, and continued as:
- "Annals of the University of Craiova - Medical Sciences" (1976-1998) and
- "Craiova Medicala" (Medical Craiova) journal (1998-2008, ISSN 1454-6876), with almost the same Editorial Board and high scientific personalities as reviewers.

CHSJ Cover
ISSN 2067-0656 (print)
ISSN 2069-4032 (online)