Curr Health Sci J, vol. 36, no. 4, 2010

The Impact Of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories Therapy Applied To Degenerative Diseases Of The Lumbar Spine

[Original paper]

T. Miserlis(1), V. Cirlig(2), C.I. Taisescu(3)

(1)University Clinical Hospital, Ioannine, Greece;
(2)Department of Pharmacology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova;
(3)Normal and Pathological Physiology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova


The lumbar pain caused by degenerative diseases is an extremly common cause of morbisity and incapacity, that determines the patient to address to qualified medical staff. Our study is meant to perform a quantifiable evaluation of lumbo-sacral muscle ligament syndromes and a recuperating programme that consists of stages as well; moreover, the efficiency of this treatment programme is proved, as it prevents the installation of recidives and/or complications, that appear on a frequent basis and determine functional implications that are often important. The study has integrated the patients into a sustained physical programme, in stages, in 3 phases, after 1 month and 306 months respectively, by applying anti-inflammatory medicines +/- decontracturant, sustained thermo-kineto-massoterapic. The obtained results underline the ascending and remanent improvement of clinical parameters, from one stage to another, until the third phase of the treatment takes place, to partially complete functional recuperation of diseases (over 90% as opposed to the initial stage). Therefore we can say that, in the case of patients that present lumbar pain, nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory medicines can lower the severity of the pain, and in the case of patients who present difficulty in turning back in their activity, the clinicians should address personal and psychosocial occupational barriers. Moreover, multidisciplinary programmes may facilitate a shorter incapacity period, at the same time with the lowering of the pain and the improvement of functional performances.

degenerative diseases, lumbar pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

T.Miserlis MD, PhD student; University Clinical Hospital, Ioannine, Greece

DOI 10.12865/CHSJ.36.04.09 - Download PDF