Curr Health Sci J, vol. 39, no. 2, 2013

Study on the Importance of the Complementary Exams for the Dento- Parodontal Changes to the Patiences with Occlusal Trauma

[Case Reports]


1 U.M.F. Craiova, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Departament of Prothetics-Oclusology; 2 U.M.F. Craiova, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Departament of Oral Health; 3 U.M.F. Craiova, Faculty of Medicine, Departament of Pathology


The diagnosis of the occlusal disorders of the dento-maxillary is a delicate stage, but of great importance in establishing the functional rehabilitation of the dental arches. Occlusal disorders occur as a result of dental anomalies of number, odontal coronary lesions, dental migration, edentulous, gnatoprotetic devices improperly executed, changes of the occlusion parameters, and secondary musculoskeletal and joint disorders.The difficulty in the diagnosis, is that any trauma occurring in any component of the stomatognathic system may lead to occlusal dysfunction. Meanwhile, occlusal dysfunction can cause symptoms in all dento-maxillary structures. Recent research on the phenomenon of occlusal trauma etiology showed major difficulties in determining the exact causes and evolution of the phenomenon itself. This paper highlights the importance of usage in practice of the registration and transfer systems, also the important role of the radiological examination in detecting and highlighting the phenomenon of occlusal trauma.

occlusal trauma, occlusal dysfunction, alveolar resorbtion, miloliza

Associate professor Mihai Raul Popescu PhD,MD;UMF Craiova, Facultaty of Dental Medicine,

DOI 10.12865/CHSJ.39.02.12 - Download PDF