Curr Health Sci J, vol. 47, no. 1, 2021

A Clinical Study Determining Pulp Vitality in Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy Using Diagnostic Tool-Pulse Oximetry

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S.R. Daveshwar(1), S.V. Kapoor(2), M.R. Daveshwar(3)

(1)Department of Dentistry, Gmers Medical College&Hospital, Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India,
(2)Department of Conservative dentistry&Endodontics, Manubhai Patel Dental College and Oral Research Institute, Vadodara, Gujarat, India,
(3)Department of Pathology, Medical College Baroda & Hospital, Vadodara


Pulse oximetry is an equipment that evaluates pulp vitality for concrete endodontic diagnosis and treatment plan. One of the treatment methods of oropharyngeal cancer is radiotherapy. Radiotherapy has some harmful effects on dental pulp that affects pulp vitality. The objective of study was to assess pulp vitality before, at the end of radiotherapy and six months after radiotherapy (RT) in oropharyngeal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. 25 patients who were diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer having asymptomatic intact crowns were selected for the study. Pulp vitality was checked before the commencement of radiotherapy (PV1), immediately after radiotherapy (PV 2) and six months post radiotherapy (PV 3). Pulp vitality of first posterior tooth was selected of each patient and was checked with pulse oximetry. Paired t-test was used as statistical analysis. Statistically significant difference was observed when PV 1 and PV 2, PV 1 and PV 3 and PV 2 and PV 3 were compared amongst each other. There was reduction noted in mean SpO2 value when groups PV 2 and PV1 were compared. This was statistically significant. Statistically significant increase in mean SpO2 value was observed six months post radiotherapy (PV 3). Thus, it can be concluded that statistically significant reduction in mean SpO2 level post radiotherapy recovers after six months.

Irradiation, Oropharyngeal tumour, Pulp vitality, Pulse oximetry.

Shilpi R. Daveshwar, Department of Dentistry, Gmers Medical College&Hospital, Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India, e-mail:

DOI 10.12865/CHSJ.47.01.01 - Download PDF