Curr Health Sci J, vol. 39, no. 3, 2013

Dental Morphology as an Aesthetic Reference in Prosthetic Reconstruction of Lateral Maxillary Areas

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1 Department of Occlusology and Dental Prosthetics
(Therapy through Unidental Prosthetics), Dento-Facial Esthetics. U.M.F. Craiova; 2 Faculty of Pharmacy U.M.F. Craiova


The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of prosthetic reconstruction of the lateral maxillary areas on the dental-facial aesthetics. The so called buccal corridors can have different sizes, influencing the total or partial visualization of the lateral group represented by premolars and molars, with negative consequences upon global aesthetics. The compliance with the dental morphology, but with possibilities of embellishment of prosthetic constructions, influences the smile topography. The assessment of the patients, men and women, started by establishing a research protocol comprising, besides the clinic investigation, a specific sequential approach, which cumulated the additional investigations (x-ray investigation, study of document models, frontal and profile photos). The clinical data were reported and selected depending on the limitative possibilities of the occlusal status, so that a gradual visualization of the dental units at the level of lateral maxillary and/or mandibular areas when smiling, to which the existence or inexistence of the local symmetry is added, associated with the size of the buccal corridor, to allow a relevant planning and assessment of the influential possibilities of the local parameters regarding the smile improvement at this level. The chromatic association of the future prosthetic construction of the current dental constructions as well as the used therapeutic versions, associated with data about age, gender and the training level of the patients, to which we added our experience, have represented references in the final assessment of this study.

dental aesthetics, smile line, buccal corridor, dental occlusion

Mihai Raul Popescu, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; Department of Occlusology and Dental Prosthetics, Dento-Facial Esthetics, Craiova, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 66 1Mai Boulevard, 200628, Craiova, Romania, email:

DOI 10.12865/CHSJ.39.03.05 - Download PDF